Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blue Sunrise

I am a bit overwhelmed with sheer amount of the red and yellow and orange colors that surround me in the forest right now. Everywhere I turn is a brilliant color that would make a wonderful photo. I literally can't decide what to snap next. It's more than a little like being a kid in a candy store--too many choices, so little time, it all looks delicious. Then I saw this blue sunrise. It was the only blue around in this vast sea of red and yellow, and somehow that made my choice eaiser. I decided to make my blue sunrise today's photo.

Since last week's lovely change in the weather and temperature, that darned warmer weather has been creeping back, a degree here, another there, like a bad dog that's been put into another room and thinks I won't notice when it creeps a few inches closer every minute or so. Well, I've noticed. And since I tend to be mildy obsessive in my record-keeping about birds and weather (to name a few), I went back to some of my last year's weather data and discovered that by this time last year, I'd already had several light frosts. This year, I haven't been within 10 degrees of a frost. Then I checked the long-range forecast for the rest of this month, and there's nothing in it within 10 degrees of a frost.

Last year's "winter" barely qualified as one. It didn't arrive until mid-winter and then left early. So based on not yet having had a frost and with none in sight, I am already despairing for what this winter might bring. So what's it like where any of you are? Is it warmer than it should be? A lot? I guess I'm sort of hoping that my extreme warmer weather is anomalous, though in my heart of hearts I no longer believe this. I'm thinking of getting a bumper sticker that says "Global warming sucks!" or maybe if I'm having a better day, it would say, "Fight global warming. Winter's already short enough."


Anonymous said...

I'm an ex-Pennsylvanian who grew up in the forests of Western PA, so I enjoy your blog very much. I Now I live in Western Oregon and this year, we only had about a month of summer, before fall came. Now we are experiencing Winter weather, so global warming doesn't exist here.

I'm looking forward to more photos of the rolling hills of Autumn. Leaves turn here in Oregon, but they are all orange or yellow (hardly any red) and are dwarfed by the evergreens.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Carolyn,
It truly is a strange weather year. We had our only frost back on Sept. 15. Since then we've had record warmth and rainfall with more thunderstorms and heavy rains predicted for tonight and tomorrow. The weather forecasters are going out on a limb and predicting maybe colder weather and possible snow flurries on Halloween.

Minnesota winters aren't anything to brag about surviving anymore! You're right, global warming does suck!

Carolyn H said...

Anonymous: thanks for stopping by. I'm glad someplace is getting normal weather, because it sure isn't here. I'll be taking new photos this weekend, so check back next week for those. Leaves will be at their peak (I think) by then.

Ruthiej: Not much rain here, and less cool weather, so far. I can live with a warm fall as long as the weather is good for skiing this winter!