Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Purple Morning

It's a fine morning here on the mountain. The weather is clear, the the temperatures moderate, the humidity low.
It won't last long. Friday begins the annual weekend long Purple Door music festival. Roundtop becomes the site of thousands of kids wandering around and listening to about 40 mostly hard rock bands on three different stages. The equipment has already started to arrive, and the roadies will be hard at work tomorrow, and perhaps even later today.
It makes for a very different kind of weekend, but it is kind of fun since it only happens once a year. The good news is that I can sit out on my deck and listen to live music. I also won't have to cook this weekend, as I can get street-fair quality food down at the festival. I probably don't have to explain what the bad news is, as I'm sure you can imagine that.
So for now, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of a lovely summer morning, staring at the purple mountain across the valley and listening to the sounds of birds throughout the forest.


Cathy said...

Well at least you like the music. I'm sure your dogs are go crazy with noise.

pablo said...

When you said you wouldn't have to cook this weekend, I thought you meant that a cool front was coming through.

Jennifer said...

Just so you know, I read your blog regularly. I don't always comment, but I do enjoy your ruminations.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: unfortunately, the music on the stage nearest the cabin wasn't all that good (to my mind) this year. Lots of screaming into the microphone and drums.

Pablo: Well, a cool front did move through this weekend, but that wasn't why I didn't cook.

Jennifer: Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy my posts.

Carolyn H