Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Bit of a Different Morning

This morning was one of the few times in a year where I didn't walk through the woods. A thunderstorm rumbled through around 3:30 this morning, ending my night's sleep. At 5:30 it was still rumbling, and I didn't want to get too far from the cabin in case the rumblings again turned more ominous. Dog was disappointed, as was I, but that's the way it goes.
It's not often that I don't walk at least half a mile or so deeper into the woods in the mornings. When I don't, it's usually because of a weather event, occasionally an injury, more rarely an illness. Over the course of a year the total number of days that I don't walk in the woods are rarely more than half a dozen or so.
I know the woods better than I know anything else, I think, though that really shouldn't be surprising considering how much time I spend in them.
This morning, as Dog and I took a shortened walk around one of the snowmaking ponds, Dog spied one of the Roundtop employees getting an early start to the day's work before the heat of today turns really fierce. Well, you'd have thought he'd just seen an elephant. The man was still more than 100 yards away but Dog stood on his hind legs and wouldn't listen and danced around in excitement. I guess to him that a man in a 'Gator is more of a rarity than a deer or a fox. Gee, maybe we really should get out more.
Hopefully, I'll get back into the woods tomorrow. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what the weather and the season brings after this hot spell breaks. I suspect there will be some sense that the season is turning, at least a little bit, away from mid-summer and the year's hottest days. We'll see.


Jennifer said...

I'm trying not to dwell on how hot it has been... But it isn't easy! This week I have 12 little Day Campers who look to me to be upbeat... I can do this!

Carolyn H said...

Jennifer: YIkes! heat and mini-campers. That's quite a combination. You can do it!

Carolyn H.