Monday, August 20, 2007

My New Bedroom

Even though I live in a cabin in the woods, I’ve been feeling a bit cut off from the woods lately. Though all my windows are open, being inside the cabin is still being inside. I have missed the smell of the forest, of being a part of it on an intimate level. So I decided to move out into it.

Today’s photo is my new bedroom in a car-camping tent that is now pitched onto my back deck. I have spent the nights out there in the company of two dogs, and in just a few days I am already starting to feel more attached to the forest again.

One unexpected observation: my deck is smaller than I thought it was. I barely had room to pitch the tent on it, and the tent isn’t a huge one.

Another observation: cicadas ARE louder than grunge rock music blaring from huge speakers on a stage down at the annual Purple Door festival at Roundtop this weekend. However, cicadas have the advantage of playing the same note over and over again, so it sounds like "white noise." Wait, that describes the grunge bands too, but the cicadas are easier to listen to.

I can hear more, lots more, when I’m outside in the forest. One of the local foxes dropped by on Saturday night, yapping so close to the cabin and deck that it sounded as though it was right underneath me. I could also hear their much softer "bark" that followed the hoarse yap that is their more common vocalization.

The screech owl paid a visit, too, and was very nearby. I heard the great horned owl, though that was further away.

I avoided putting up the rain fly until the weather forced me into it. At night, it was wonderful to look up at the stars through the screen at the top of the tent. The next night, the clouds were already moving in and hid the stars from sight. Last night, it rained, though not heavily. I’m not sure I will stay out there in a downpour (or heavy wind). One advantage of deck camping is that I go back inside whenever I want.


Cathy said...

That's pretty good, sleeping on your deck with a tent. At least you don't have to worry about a bear sneaking up on you. Between your two dogs, you'll have plenty warning of one coming.

pablo said...

That's a sweet arrangement. I'm afraid when I'm asleep, I'm really asleep. I would miss all of the outdoor sounds.

You asked about bluestem. There is big bluestem and little bluestem, and I gather there are several other varieties. All are prairie grasses, so the term you heard was probably a generic one.

ChicagoLady said...

I've had two rounds of cicadas this year. The 17 year ones in June, and the annual ones that are out now. Both are very loud, and very monotonous.

It sounds like you are having some perfect weather for sleeping outside, not terribly hot and not freezing cold either.

Jennifer said...

Oh man... I REALLY want to go camping... Deck. Car. Backpacking. I don't care the variety... I gotta go!!!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: Nope. No bears to worry about, though the dogs would hopefully warn me of any when I'm camping out where the bears are.

Pablo: I tend to sleep lightly the first night or two when I sleep in a strange bed (or cot) as the case may be. That only lasts briefly, so I'm sure I'll be sleeping through foxes and owls before long.

Cicagolady: The weather WAS perfect (see the latest post for what's gonig on now)

Jennifer: Once this rain disappears the temperatures should be good for camping. I hope you get a chance to get out.

Carolyn H.