Monday, August 06, 2007

Foggy Forest

After a hot and humid weekend, a little rain finally came my way last evening. For a change, it wasn’t the kind of downpour that comes with thunderstorms. It was a nice gentle rain that lasted several hours and soaked into the ground. Yesterday, before the rain, the grass on Roundtop’s slopes was so dry that it crackled and crunched underneath my feet, and disintegrated into dust when I stepped on it—a weird sound and sensation.

This morning, it is very foggy, and I needed my headlamp when I took Dog for his early morning walk in the forest.. It wasn’t until I reached an open area, where the trees didn’t bend so close, that I could turn it off. I need a headlamp for most of the year when I walk Dog, but for some reason the first day in August that I need it always comes as shock. My brain just can’t wrap itself around the idea that in mid-summer it’s already growing that dark again.

Dog scared up several deer this morning. I don’t know how many as I never saw them. He got very excited, his nose in the air, as we walked along one of the old two-tracks, and I knew he was on to something. Then all of a sudden the underbrush about 20 feet away exploded with snorts and stamps and running hooves. It sounded like an army of deer but the underbrush was so thick, I never even saw their raised tails. I believe they were bedded down for the night in that area. We either walked close enough to startle them or were upwind enough for them to finally scent us, and they bolted. Dog was thrilled, but he likes that kind of drama. I prefer a more quiet start to my days, at least until I’ve had my first cup of coffee.


Cathy said...

Well it was warm here but all day, it's just look like the skies were going up and pour! Sadly it didn't. The day just had this laziness about it.

Carolyn H said...


This has beena weird year for rain/no rain. My sister lives 4 miles away and had an inch of it the other night. I didn't have a drop.

Carolyn H.