Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can You Guess?

I can almost hear you asking, "what is that?" This is a portion of my green box, east direction. My cabin is is simply a little brown box plopped into the middle of the forest. I am surrounded.
In summer, as you can tell, I can't see the sky. For this photo I stood on my front porch and pointed the camera towards the tops of the trees to even see a few pinprick size holes of the sky. When I look straight out at eye level, I don't even see that.
When I look to the south direction, I see even less sky. If I'm on my back deck and look to the north, it's about the same. To the west, I see no sky at all. If I stand on the back deck and look straight up, I do see a little sky, but only a little.
In the winter, of course, it's a different story. I have great views, especially to the west. The south view is always blocked by the mountain itself, though I can see a good distance up the mountain. The eastern view in winter is the least interesting. I can see to about the end of the driveway, but then the dense forest blocks further views. The view to the north isn't bad then, either, especially if I'm upstairs.
So this is what I call my green box. It is one of the reasons why summer is my least favorite season. I simply can't see much, not even the sky. Here's hoping for an early autumn.


pablo said...

Yikes! Someone is already wishing away summer????

Carolyn H said...


Yep! I'm wishing it away. I'm not a summer-loving kind of gal.

Carolyn H.

ChicagoLady said...

Autumn?? That means winter is coming! Summer just arrived, I don't want Autumn yet!

Jennifer said...

I always wonder... if I had a cabin in the woods, just how many surrounding trees would I want to cut down... I love trees... yet I'm sensing some claustrophobia in you that I think I might feel a bit too. I love a good view of the sky. (I love winter, too.)

Carolyn H said...

Chicagolady: I like winter, though fall is certainly the prettiest season here.

Jennifer: Yes, sometimes the closeness of the trees makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. August is the worst for that, though I think the heat also has something to do with that feeling. I am a bit jealous of people who live in a cabin and who have great views in all seasons (but only a little).

Carolyn H.