Thursday, April 19, 2007

Gloomy Day

Yesterday’s sunshine turned out to be only momentary. That such a brief appearance of sunshine was cause for my celebration is just one more indication how gloomy it has been here for I-don’t-even-remember-how-long now. This morning the gloom is back (see photo).
My own gloom these days extends beyond the weather and off the mountain. Each spring brings another destruction season (as I call it), with more open land, farmland, woodland razed to build ever more houses (or housing units as developers prefer to call them). I can already see the signs of this season's destruction--tapes around trees, stakes in fields, the path of a bulldozer through a wood lot.
I am starting to feel like an endangered species myself, though it is my lifestyle that's endangered. Suburbia moves ever closer and the people who come are interested in things like curbs and street lights. I will never understand why people who move to places with open air and open land want nothing more than to make where they move to look like the cities they are escaping. But that's just me. Obviously.

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pablo said...

It's not just you. Trust me.