Friday, April 27, 2007

Bio-blitz 3 (Mammals and an Osprey)

Spring is rushing headlong through Roundtop. I am ever amazed at which the speed of the landscape around me can change. I see differences from night to morning.

The first photo was taken looking up my driveway. Redbud trees are starting to color, but the trees still have a long way to go to be fully leafed out.

Today, I'm recording the mammals for my bio-blitz.

White-tailed deer - at least 5 that I know of and likely more. Dog and I often startled a doe who is still running with last year's twin fawns and 2 other adult deer.

Gray squirrels - I've seen as many as 7 at one time.

Raccoons - I've had 4 different ones at the semi-feral cat feeders, and there are 5 of the cats that were dropped off here at Roundtop.

Rabbit - I've seen 3-4 at once.

Groundhogs - These aren't usually at the cabin but are at the edge of the ski slopes, sometimes wandering into the woods. 2-3

Red fox - 2 that I know of and likely more.

Skunk - 1 (I hope)

Oppsussum - 2 at least

Mice - Field mice and white-footed mouse (My Maine Coon cat Ben caught one of these last week and left it by his food dish).

As I was driving into the cabin last night, I came across this Osprey perched above the old snowmaking pond. Sorry the for poor quality photo. The sky was very overcast. I don't get to see ospreys at the cabin but a few times a year, and I can't remember the last time I saw one perching, so it was a photo that deserved taking, regardless.

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Cathy said...

Ah you got some green leaves and some purple too. I'm getting a red haze on the trees here. The only mammels I saw today were the squirrels, deer and a fat groundhog.

But the main event, was a male turkey in the backyard. Who was struttin his stuff for the females. Who could care less. Did get great picture of him. He's on the blog.

Hopefully he'll make another round tomorrow and faces forward when I snap the shutter.