Thursday, April 12, 2007

Foggy, Soggy Morning

It’s been kind of a quiet week here on the mountain. The cool weather has slowed migration and new plant growth. This morning is foggy and soggy, just a few degrees above freezing at Roundtop, so it feels chilly and raw. It’s the kind of day that makes me wish I could have stayed home, slept a few hours later than usual and then woke up to a few hot cups of orange tea.

Alas, the alarm went off as usual, the dogs needed walked, and the day moved ahead. By the time I’d walked the dogs, I was damp and chilled. Dog behaved perfectly this morning, which scares me. He walked on a loose lead like a perfect gentleman. This will likely mean that on our next walk he will be a perfect hellion. That has been the pattern since he was a puppy. I used to say that he was either the perfect puppy or the puppy from hell. Now that he’s a dog, the pattern hasn’t changed all that much. I have hope, sometimes, that the extremes of this pattern are dissipating, but when he’s as perfect as he was this morning, I expect trouble to follow.

Baby Dog is still a work in progress, though she seems to have a more laid back nature than Dog. On our morning walks, she takes forever to decide on an appropriate spot for her bodily functions. Multiple spots need smelled, and when a particularly good smell attracts her, she forgets entirely what she is out there to do. Then when she eventually does find the right spot, she has to circle it, just to make sure. Her record for this circling is 18 times. This morning, with the rain pounding down, she took even longer than usual.
Rain, chill, no new birds, no sprouting plants, canine issues—at least I can still have a hot cup of orange tea to ease me into the day.


KGMom said...

Oh, I love the description of Baby Dog and bodily functions--sniff sniff smell something forget why I am here.
That so sounds like our dog (also female) who is half border collie. The least thing distracts her and bathroom time takes FOREVER!

Carolyn H said...


Baby Dog might have some border collie in her too. It's kind of hard to tell. She's part chow for sure. After that, the parts are harder to figure out. For a while I called her my border chow.

Carolyn H.

Cathy said...

Carol, I didn't the snow.(Yea!!) but got a nice coating of ice instead.(yuck)But Thurs, I work 2-8pm so it was pretty much melted by then

However, if everything goes right Sun's nite into Mon, looking at a good dump of snow for my area.