Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bio-Blitz Part 2 with New Arrivals!

Sometime between the last notes of yesterday’s avian evening symphony and the first notes of this morning’s dawn chorus, I’ve had two new arrivals. The wood thrush and the ovenbirds have arrived!
These two species always (and I do mean always) arrive here at exactly the same time. The actual day of arrival differs slightly, but I never have the one species arrive even a day before the other. It does seem as though wood thrush arrive with slightly greater numbers than ovenbirds. This morning I heard 3 thrush to 1 ovenbird. In another few days, the ovenbirds will likely outnumber the thrush.
It makes me wonder. Do these birds migrate together? Do they take the same bus north? Do they hang out together on their wintering grounds? I have no idea, though I like the idea of that last. Since they arrive together, is it possible the same birds are neighbors for life, wherever they go? I wonder if anyone has attempted to find out?
Eastern blue- this is a tiny pale blue butterfly that’s one of the first butterflies of the spring and also one of the most common. I usually first see them on opening day of trout season. This year trout season came early and the butterflies came later, but they’re here now
Cabbage white – doesn’t everyone have these?
Black-throated green warbler – I saw 3-4 of them this morning
Yellow-rumped warbler – just one so far
Chipping sparrow – they’ve arrived!
White-throated sparrows – they’re still here and those yellow lores are twice as bright now as they were this winter!
Blue Jay
American Crow
Eastern Towhee
Eastern Phoebe
Chickadee sp.
Tufted Titmouse
Hairy woodpecker
Downy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Carolina wren
Turkey vulture
White-breasted nuthatch
Brown Creeper
American Goldfinch
Great horned owl
Mourning Dove
Belted Kingfisher
Northern Mockingbird
Eurasian Starling
Common Grackle
American Robin
Eastern Bluebird
White-throated sparrow
Northern Cardinal
American Goldfinch


Cathy said...

You don't have pleated woodpecker in your area?

Carolyn H said...

I haven't seen the pileated woodpecker(s) for a few weeks. Perhaps they're nesting already? Anyway, I haven't seen them for a bit so I haven't put them on the list.

Carolyn H.

Anonymous said...

I live in Camp Hill and have been looking for a trout lily for a couple of years. I saw one years ago, but a development has erased that area. Do you have them (yellow or white) up at Roundtop? By the way, today at Camp Hill park I saw Dutchmen's Breeches, celandine, lily-of-the-valley, Bouncing Bet, Va. Bluebells, and yellow, white, and purple violets. I have not seen pilated woodpeckers at my feeders, tho I have downies and red-bellied. Bronwen

Carolyn H said...


Yes, trout lillies are around at Roundtop, but not all over. They like the moister, shaded areas. You have a good list of flowers, too.

Carolyn H.