Monday, April 23, 2007

Flat Rock Trail

I know I was supposed to be bio-blitzing this weekend. Sorry, I went hiking instead. I'll make it up soon.

Until I do, here are a few photos from my hike on the Flat Rock Trail in Colonel Denning State Park in Cumberland County (or is it Perry?). Anyway, it's a state park northwest of Carlisle, PA.
Two of my friends brought their dogs, I brought Baby Dog, and we all went for a hike on the most beautiful, crystal clear day I've seen in months and months. The temperature neared 70, the humidity was low, and if the weather could have been any more perfect than this day was, I wouldn't know where to begin to improve it.

Flat Rock Trail is a short but very steep trail (5 miles round trip). The first 50 yards or so are flat. After that it climbs steeply for a mile, gaining about 1000 feet in altitude in that mile. Then it levels off somewhat. The first photo is from the start of the hike. The second photo is my friend Teresa and her dog Tula (who looks a lot like Baby Dog but is half her size). That's Baby Dog's tail in the foreground.

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