Sunday, October 01, 2006

Slipping into Fall

The forest is slipping into autumn at the speed of a runaway freight train. I can see more colors from morning to morning, sometimes even from morning to night.

The change is happening so fast right now it is a bit shocking to me. For weeks, the changes have been miniscule. I had to look hard to find one small thing that was changing. Summer felt static, lulling me into a pattern of searching for changes that moved glacially. Now, if I've been inside the cabin for a few hours I swear I see more color whenever step outside.

The view you see here was taken Saturday morning, in the rain. My lane is already more colorful this morning than yesterday. I am only waiting for the sun to climb a bit higher to take a new photo, so I can compare the two and examine the difference in detail.

I am starting to bring my plants in for the cold weather ahead. I have already brought in the ferns and several Christmas cactus that have set buds. I leave them outside in the summer, under a shrub to protect them from the heat and sun of summer. Two other Christmas cactus hadn't set buds as of yesterday, but it was cooler last night, and perhaps the buds will show this morning.

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pablo said...

That's a lovely lane you live on. I can see why it lends itself to ruminations.