Friday, October 13, 2006

What a Difference a Day (or Two) Makes!

I took this photo last evening on a nice, long and brisk walk with the dogs. It's almost the same view as the one I posted a few days ago, but in this version you can see how much the color change has progressed. The valley colors are further along than those on the mountain tops, but I expect that to even out in the next day or so. Last night I was within 3 degress of frost and tonight it's to be colder, so I'm anticipating the season's first frost tonight.

I haven't turned my heat on yet, though I will likely do that this evening. Last night the cabin was warm enough without it. This morning, the temperature was 58, which isn't bad with a sweater, but since it isn't supposed to get very warm today, the house likely won't warm up enough during the day to be comfortable this evening.

The second view is looking up my lane. Again, it's almost the same view as one I took a few days earlier this week, but now the color change in this spot is probably at its peak.

Baby Dog and I walked up one of the slopes last evening, and for all the anxious skiers out there, I took this picture on Drummer Boy. No, we don't have snow yet, but getting rid of all those green leaves is the first step in that direction. The leaves are still on the trees, but they are no longer green!


Peggy said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me homesick for "my" mountain, Armenia Mountain in Tioga County. We won't get back there for a couple more weeks so I'll probably miss the best of the fall color. I've had a great week watching the migrating song birds gorging themselves on the autumn olive berries in my back yard.

Carolyn H said...


Thanks for the nice words. I love Tioga County. What a great area! I have autumn olive too, but I rarely find songbirds in them--don't know why, as every place else the birds seem to love them.

Carolyn H.

Peggy said...

Last week it was the migrating song birds eating the berries, redstarts and blackthroated blue warblers. This week (Oct 16) the winter warblers are here, yellow rumped warblers and ruby crowned kinglets. They were so intent on eating that I was even able to get a few good photos (too bad I have no way to send them). The house finches, catbirds, and always the robins also love the berries. For reasons I don't understand, the autumn olive had more berries this year than in any other that I can remember, maybe because I pruned them mercilessly in the spring.