Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spooky Weather

Last night I had almost 3 inches of rain. Water zig-zagged down the lane in a torrent, leaving deep ruts. Puddles were everywhere. Dog, who has never walked around a puddle in his life, loved it. If he could walk through puddles without ever touching dry land, he'd be thrilled.

This afternoon the wind tore through, knocking down branches that loudly bounced onto the roof and then rolled down the side of the cabin. Lots of leaves passed the windows horizontally in a weird kaleidoscope of color. Canines and felines scattered in all directions. For a moment or two I almost expected to see a witch on a bicycle. Fortunately, the worst appears to be over without damage or loss of electricity.

By tomorrow morning I will probably wake up to a mountain with few leaves left clinging to any of the trees. The lane will likely be ankle deep in downed leaves. I will sweep them off the decks, eventually, but keeping leaves off anything when you live in a forest is a lost cause. I'm happy if I can keep them off the steps.


Cathy said...

I didn't get too much rain, then again most of it came when I was sleeping.

However last night, the wind just roar through here and most the day. I only lost power once and I was at work. But the wind was terrble since it woke me up at around 4am and I never really could go back to sleep.

Also with the wind I didn't feel safe taking a walk. I did it once before and I got hit the face by a small twig. Don't feel like risking getting hit a by branch.

There a new post at my typepad site, nothing much. But some reason it never show up at my blogger, after it say it was posted. I was using blogjet. Hopefully it's just a quirk that day.

Carolyn H said...


That wind was pretty extreme, especially the first hour of it. Thanks for the heads up about your new post!

Carolyn H.