Sunday, October 08, 2006

Colors on Neff's Hill

Sunday was a spectacular fall day here at Roundtop. I would have loved to spend the day outside hiking. So naturally, yesterday was my first working day at Roundtop for the new ski season. No, we don't have snow yet.

I work in Guest Services, and most of our work is done before the season opens. We take photos and print employee badges, and do the same for season passes and discount cards. Since folks need those things before they can ski, that's what we work on.

Once the season opens we get a big crush of people who didn't send us photos or come in pre-season to get their photos taken. That lasts a few weeks. After that, though the ski season is in full-swing, our own work tapers off. We still are the first stop for information, we maintain the voluminous lost and found, serve as a secondary ticket window, and always have a few late season photos to do, but it's still quieter for us than during the pre-season crush.

The photo today is looking west over to Neff's Hill, taken fairly early Sunday morning. The color change is progressing, but there's still a lot of green on that hill. The mountain looks a little bit like a tweed fabric right now.

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