Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Falling Colors

My latest fall photos, taken just last evening and the day before, are already out of date. Although the night wasn't very cool, this morning as I was driving out of Roundtop, I saw how much more intense the colors have become since yesterday. Unfortunately, the morning is also gray and foggy--and not in a good way photographically.

In the good news / bad news category: this weekend should be the color peak for the leaves. But, the weather forecast for tonight and through Friday is for rain and possibly even snow flurries, which I'm afraid will bring the leaves off the trees before I really get to see them at their prettiest.

But in the words of someone else, the world moves as it will and not as you and I would have it. So if the leaves comes down before they are at their prettiest, that's just the way it will be. For me, leaves on the ground will mean I will again have a view out the back of the cabin, instead of the sea of green that surrounds me during the growing season. And, it also means my television reception will improve from 1.5 channels to 4 or 5. I say I have 1.5 channels in the summer because I have one usually good channel and one half-decent channel. However, the half-decent channel is never the same one, so I can't plan to watch anything on it, I just have to check it out and see which one is the half-decent channel that evening.

Considering that it might snow in two days, last evening was very warm. The rising moon was as orange as many of the leaves. The pond was so still that it looked more like a mirror than I think I have ever seen it. Lots of moths gathered around my porch light, and I was also visited by this nice-sized walking stick. They won't last once that weather comes through.

I have not yet seen the first junco of the season, though I expect them at any moment. A time or two I thought I saw the distinctive white edge tail that they carry, only to discover it wasn't a junco at all. Mama raccoon and her single, still rather small baby are nightly visitors to the outside cats dish. Baby Dog announces their arrival each evening with howls of outrage, but then she's always been a bit mouthy.

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pablo said...

No juncos here in Kansas City yet. But they'll be winter guests here soon.