Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter Berries

This winter has been warm but generally gray and dreary. I took this picture of red berries on a tree mostly because it was almost the only spot of color I saw on my walk this day.

In dog news: Dog and Baby Dog returned from their kennel stays with differing reports. Dog was cool and calm, pretty much taking the entire event without noticeable emotion. Baby Dog was another matter.

For the first few times the kennel people checked on her, they told me she “spooked” and acted “schizy” each time someone came by. Considering that my little hurricane baby was bounced around to who knows how many different shelters before she came to my household, this wasn’t a huge surprise. But I was a little surprised. She is usually bold around other people and animals when we are together, so I was hoping she’d be that way when I wasn’t around.

And they said she barked. When I first got her, she barked and/or whined 100% of the time, unless she was asleep. She doesn’t do that any more at home, but in a new environment, some of the old behavior returned.

And then they asked me what time I got up in the morning. “Usually about 5:45 a.m.” I told them. That’s when her barking started.

The instant she saw me all was forgiven. She licked me and wiggled her whole body the entire time we were in the car. (Dog sat proudly. He was anxious to get home but not so anxious as to wiggle.). Once at home, they both settled into their usual spots and relaxed.

I think overall the kennel experience will be a good one for Baby Dog. She should now understand that I *will* come back and retrieve her shortly and that she won’t be in the kennel forever. At least I hope so.

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Cathy said...

Well if she was bad they would told you not to bring her again.