Monday, January 23, 2006

Travel News

I may not update the blog again until late Wednesday—not sure. I’m to head to "Happy Valley" (Pennsylvanians know where I mean) for a work-related conference this afternoon. I am taking the computer, but don’t know if I’ll have time to get online or even if I’ll have access—and you don’t want to hear about a conference held indoors anyway. So, unless the drive up is more exciting than I hope it will be (I had a minor ice storm here last evening. Whether or not it’s still minor 90 miles north is yet to be determined.), or unless I see something really interesting on the drive (which I will hope for), don’t bet on an update until Wednesday.

This morning I took the dogs to a kennel. This will be Baby Dog’s first time in one, though Dog has stayed several times. It was also the first time I had both dogs in the car at the same time. That went better than expected. Dog sat proudly in the back seat. Baby Dog sat beside him, occasionally yipping, but there was no trampolining off the seats, such as they are wont to do with the sofa. Of course, the kennel is only a few minutes drive from the cabin, but still, it was an auspicious beginning.

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Cathy said...

Ok this Pennsylvanians of 5 years does not what you mean by "Happy Valley" Hope you had a good time!