Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Short Rant and Dog Treasures

Can you believe it! It’s supposed to be winter, and I’ve gotten 2 inches of rain overnight. It’s supposed to be winter, and I’m wearing my freakin’ raincoat while my winter parka hangs gathering dust. This global warming thing sucks! If this keeps up, the attack of the flooded basement won’t be far behind.

It could be worse. It could be ice, but really, this so-called winter is ridiculous. Okay, end of rant. I just had to get that out.

What else is going on? Baby Dog ran down the mountain to bark at the neighbor’s house again. Worse, while down there, she found a venison leg bone that Molly the German shepherd discarded or was forced to leave outside and returned up the hill, carrying it in triumph. Now I’ll never be able to keep her away from down there.

Dog found something just as good this morning. His favorite “job” is finding lost articles of clothing on the ski slopes in the spring after the resort closes. When he scents something he digs in the snow like an archaeologist after the Holy Grail. Usually he finds single gloves, though last year he found a nice homemade crocheted scarf that I cleaned and kept. This morning he didn’t even have to dig. The lift operators on my side of the mountain usually park their cars right at the bottom of my lane, as it’s closer for them to park there than in one of the main parking lots. And sometime yesterday one of them dropped a nice glove down there, which Dog soon found and claimed. I let him carry it around while we had our morning swim…errr, walk, but I made him leave it on a large rock down there in case the guy comes back tonight and tries to track down his glove.

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