Friday, January 20, 2006

Sunny News

Happy Friday!

The news today is that instead of the morning simply being pre-dawn pale enough to walk without stumbling when I leave the cabin for work, today the morning was almost bright. I can't yet see the sun's disk above the horizon when I leave the house, but that can't be too many mornings away.

On the evening's drive home, the sun is already below the horizon, but the sky is still fairly bright with sunset's glory. At least the sky is bright enough as I'm driving through the narrowed-lanes of the turnpike construction that I no longer have the white knuckles of the weeks right around the winter solstice. It's still dark as I head into the woods near the cabin (that's why I almost hit the deer a few days ago).

In dog news: Baby Dog is now 5 months old. She and Dog are taking turns carrying the venison bone around. Dog gave me a major surprise last evening. Instead of acting like Cujo when he saw a car leave from a Roundtop lot last night, he was content to sit quietly as long as he had that bone in his mouth. At first he dropped the bone, started to bounce and act like he wanted to chase the car that was over 200 yards away. I told him to sit and immediately handed the bone back to him, and he suddenly acted as though it was his job to hold the bone while the car drove away. He's never, and I do mean never, settled down whenever a car was anyplace within his range of vision before, I'm going to try the same thing again tonight just to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

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