Monday, January 16, 2006

Shadowy Trees

Here's a picture taken this winter at Roundtop after I had warm weather that melted all the natural snow. The mountain doesn't look very big in this picture. It's not a big mountain but it is bigger than it looks here. I think it looks so small because I'm not at the bottom looking up but because I'm already part way up the hill, but on the other side. I was out walking around near sunset--it's just a few minutes walk from the cabin, and I liked the long shadows made by the trees.

Both Baby Dog and Dog got their own trips to the dog park this weekend. They really like to hang out with other dogs and get attention from people other than me. Baby Dog met up with Tula, a friend's part chow dog (mixed with something small), and I could really see the physical similarities in them. Their head shape was almost identical and they hold their tails the exact same way.

My little hurricane baby has taken to running down the mountain and barking at the next house down from my cabin, where a German shepherd name Molly lives. She barks at that house even if Molly isn't outside, so I've had to leash her when we go out until she's better at not rushing down there to bark at the house.

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