Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red sky at morning--fail

The morning sky at Roundtop was attempting to be a “red sky at morning” kind of sunrise, but the overcast was too gloomy for that to be very convincing.  June is ending as it began—with cloudy skies and the chance of storms.  I can only hope for July to bring some better weather.

Right now it appears unlikely that I will be able to see the near convergence of Jupiter and Venus tonight.  They are supposed to appear so close as to look like a double star.  For those who may live where the sky will be clear, look to the west just after sunset.  Don’t wait until it is fully dark but look while the sky is still a twilight blue.  The two are only 1/3 of a degree apart, and the view is improved with binoculars or a scope, with both planets in the same field of view.  Perhaps I will try tomorrow night—they two won’t be quite as close then, but they will still be close and I can only hope the sky will be a little clearer.


Granny Sue said...

Same here, Carolyn. Rain, rain and more rain. It's been the stormiest, hottest June I can remember. On the good side, we're getting peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers already. So if we can keep everything from blighting we'll have lots of veggies at least.

I was hoping to see the "Bethlehem star" too, as it's called by some. But right now it's storming again, so I think we might be washed out :/

Scott said...

Carolyn: We had storms here to your east last night (Tuesday night) so the show wasn't visible. (I was out of town, anyway.) Tonight looks like it might be better, but there's still a chance of late afternoon/evening thunderstorms.