Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First brown-eyed susan of summer

It’s the first and so far only brown-eyed susan of the year.  That’s a sure sign of summer here on Roundtop.  I’m not a person who cuts wildflowers, though this one always tempts me.  What keeps me from doing so is that I’ve read the flowers are toxic to cats, and with my cats they certainly couldn’t be trusted to stay away from any I’d bring into the house.

Butterflies and bees alike enjoy the pollen of brown-eyed susans, and the plants are lovely in a wildflower garden if you have full sun.  Mid to late June is when I first see them, and my latest photo of one that I posted on Roundtop Ruminations was on November 5.  That one was looking pretty ratty.

Today’s photo is actually the earliest, by three days, that I’ve posted a photo.  That may not mean they are blooming early this year, because unlike with the earliest of the spring ephemerals, I’m not standing around anxiously anticipating their first bloom.  July is the month when I see large rafts of them, and I may well have waited until there was more than one before I posted a photo.

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