Monday, June 01, 2015

need wildflower ID help

While a rainy Sunday interferes with my time to get out into the forest, I will not complain about yesterday’s weather.  The forest has been too dry for too long, as the spring rains here were meager this year.  An inch of rain will not reduce the current deficit, but it certainly helped.

This morning raindrops cling to everything, and fog obscures the mountain tops.  Birdsongs carry over a longer distance in the thick air. I hear the wood thrush, the ovenbird, an Eastern pewee and the ever-present phoebe.  I keep waiting to see the family of blue jays that are nesting in a crook of the beech tree by the side of my driveway, but they are still in hiding.

I saw a large snapping turtle a few days ago but didn’t have my camera with me, and despite a quick retreat to the cabin to get it, the turtle was gone when I returned.  Such is life.  Walking with a dog and a camera, or at least my dogs, is a recipe for disaster.  And it’s probably just as well that Skye didn’t get to meet the snapping turtle, too.

Can someone help me with the flower ID in today's photo?  Is it a monkeyflower?


rockerBOO said...

Birds-Foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) Maybe?

Granny Sue said...

It's definitely in the sweetpea family, and I *think* it's called sweet clover, at least where I live. Very pretty!

Granny Sue said...

Wait, that was wrong. It is a sweetpea, and according to this website, a garden escapee.

Carolyn H said...

Granny Sue and rockerBOO: thanks for giving me some ideas about this ID. I think it is sweetpea. Some days, it seems as though every wildflower I found is an escapee! Thanks again!