Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Not out of the wet woods yet

The wet woods

The woods are wet and dripping.  The lane is rutted, with fist-sized stones washed up and sitting in the middle.  I can’t decide if these are late spring rains or just the usual summer pattern of frequent, torrential evening storms.

Certainly the landscape is lush, even tropical, this week.  I am not a fan of getting soaked by foliage as I walk around the forest.  Oddly, I don’t mind walking in the rain nearly as much.  Perhaps it’s because I just don’t want to wear a rain jacket when it’s not raining.

The mountain residents are all in evidence, even the yellow-billed cuckoo, which I hear frequently but am lucky to see once a year.  The fox still barks in the dark hours, and the chickens still roam free, so far safely, during daylight.  At the moment I can say not much is going on except the usual things—and the dripping rain.

In another week it will be time for another season of adventure camp to begin.  I was briefly tempted to make a foray down to the creek this past weekend, just to check the area again.  But mud and seasonal streams deterred me.  I hope both will be drier next week.  Actually, I hope everything will be drier by next week.    

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