Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Rainy week - at last!

It’s a rainy week here at Roundtop, badly needed and mostly appreciated. I say mostly because on Monday afternoon the rain was as heavy and torrential as I’ve ever seen it.  It wasn’t just that I ended up with a bit of water in my basement, but the water was muddy, which has never happened in 20 years.  The lane up the mountain is badly washed out, making 4wheel drive even more of a necessity than normal.

Since then the rain has continued off and on, but at a much gentler pace than at the start of the week.

As a result of the overcast skies, the temperature has returned to April levels rather than that of July. There’s a 30 degree difference between Sunday and Tuesday.  I even, briefly, considered lighting the fireplace, but settled for a cozy sweater instead. The temperature change came too late, by one day, to keep May 2015 from being the hottest May since record-keeping began in this area.  I guess this is nature’s way of making up for that cold winter, just passed, here in the east.

Around my cabin, raindrops and fog covers everything.  I can’t walk on the trails without getting soaked.  Even when it’s not raining, the slightest breeze drops all that water from the tops on the trees down onto me.  Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s rain or just the drops falling.

I much prefer this cooler weather, brought to my mountain courtesy of the cloud cover.  It’s a welcome respite from hot and humid weather, and I only hope summer’s hotter days are interspersed with some more like it.

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