Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hazards of the forest


The forest is starting to dry out after that last spate of rain.  It’s a riot of greenery right now, a veritable jungle.  It’s the kind of greenery that’s almost dangerous as I discovered this morning when

I nearly stepped into an invisible groundhog hole that was well hidden by foot-high grass.
Even after I thought I saw a hole, I had to stoop down and brush aside the grass to be certain I was seeing what I thought I might be seeing, only to discover I was standing right on the brink of that hole. Another inch and.., well, it sure wouldn’t have been pretty.

As a result of that near-miss I am staying to visible paths and not attempting to travel cross-country through the woods—at least not where I can’t see the ground.  Adventure camp begins next week, and I need to be able to walk for that!

As you can see by today’s photo, in addition to the every-present greens of summer, the honeysuckle is blooming now.  I was attempting to reach the bush for a closer view when I was deterred by the groundhog hole, so until I find a patch not guarded by a woodchuck, this photo will have to do.

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