Friday, October 09, 2009

Soggy, foggy Friday

The title of today’s post says it all, really. It’s a foggy, soggy Friday here on Roundtop. The birds are in hiding. The fox hasn’t barked, the deer haven’t snorted, the raccoon isn’t harassing Baby Dog. It’s a quiet, fall morning, the kind where a mug of hot tea accompanies me as much for the warmth it brings to my hand as for the beverage itself.

Leaves fall slowly, often just one or two at a time. In another week or two the pace of that will turn into a continuous rain, but for now they waft to the ground slowly and as delicately as if they are as fragile as the finest china.

Perhaps when the sky clears, enough of the leaves will have fallen for me to catch my first glimpse of Nell’s Hill again. It won’t be long now. My view will soon make its appearance again.


John said...

I really like your fog photo! We had a day like that early in the week.

Woodswalker said...

What a beautiful photo! I'm always struck by how autumn colors seem to glow with greater intensity in misty air. And of course, when there is no sunshine, there are no shadows, so all is bathed in that pearly light.

Squirrel said...

Beautiful photo. I love to see atmosphere in photos and you have captured it well. It is so odd reading Woodswalkers blog and then yours because I can see the fall coming down the coast to my home. We are still mostly green in the E. Panhandle of WV and I am anticipating what you are now seeing. I think this year I am appreciating fall more than ever. Usually I just wonder what all the excitement is about but these little previews have helped me slow down and appreciate its slow progression. Thanks.

Carolyn H said...

All: I'm glad so many folks liked this photo. Oddly, this is one I wasn't completely happy with. I think it's because how the scene looked to my eye, and how it photo'd were 2 different things. To my eye, the real scene had more layers of shadowy trees to it and those didn't show up in the photo the way I'd hoped. I guess it worked out anyway! Thanks for the nice remarks.

Carolyn h.