Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fall is in the air

Fall is moving fast at the cabin this week. One busy day, one rainy day and when the weather clears or I have a moment to look up and see what’s around me, everything is different again. I love that! It always surprises me. "When did that happen?" I ask myself. "How could I have missed it?" That’s how this week is shaping up for me.

Last night it was geese. Canada geese were moving south on a clear night, full moon. I heard the local geese fussing, long after dark, over on the new pond, which is a couple of hundred yards from the cabin. And then I heard a single goose overhead and the scattered fussing turned into loud and welcoming calls. A second goose soon called from the west and the chorus began again. Then I heard the distant sound of many geese, a large flock. The local geese really turned on the calling, and soon the big flock was closer and closer. I walked towards the nearest open sky, hoping to see them highlighted by the full moon.

There must have been a lot of them. I heard the swish when the group landed in unison on the pond. Baby Dog was surprised at so much noise after dark and had to bark, though she had no idea what she was barking at. I thought I heard a non-goose sound among them, but between Baby Dog and the honking Canada geese, I couldn’t hear it well enough to be sure.

This morning I went over to the pond at sunrise, hoping to catch a glimpse of the big flock, perhaps of an unusual duck. But by then they’d already gone, leaving only the local geese to await the next group of southbound visitors.


The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

It's very fall feeling here along the river—though still doesn't look much like autumn. But cool enough for a hearthfire today, should I decide to stay home. And damp, with rain this morning.

The days are changing fast.

Haven't seen any migratory geese yet.

Let's Paint Nature said...

How fast autumn comes and goes! If you don't appreciate it now..kiss it good-bye for a long time. Too bad you couldn't see the migrating geese...there's still time left :)