Monday, October 05, 2009

Got stinkbugs?

Here’s a question for everyone. Do you have stinkbugs? And I just don’t mean one here or one there. Do hundreds of them swam around screen doors this time of year? Do local TV stations run stories on the unusual numbers of stinkbugs? That’s what happens in this area, and I have no idea if the same thing happens in other places or not. I’d just like to know.

Now, I’m lucky when it comes to stinkbugs. I might see 2-3 on the side of the cabin. Sometimes one will find its way inside, though not often. Fortunately. Because stinkbugs do (wait for it) stink. The one in today’s photos is the brown marmorated stinkbug.

The brown ones are native to China and are believed to have arrived as stowaways in packing crates or some such. The first documented stinkbug of this type was in Allentown Penna. in October 2001. However, anecdotal reports go back to 2000 in New Jersey. They are considered an agricultural pest that can damage virtually any stage of vegetables and fruit. There’s also a green stink bug, which I believe is native to the southern U.S. Both the green and brown ones are called "shield bugs" because of their shape.

Anyway, I'd just like to know if other areas have their own stinkbug problem or not. I wait answers with bated breath.


crow said...

I have them in my north central Washington cabin.

Either they aren't so bad this year or I have just gotten used to them, but they aren't bothering me so much.

Some years I have had to put up my travel tent to be able to sleep without a stink bug landing on my head.

Carolyn H said...

Crow, For me the stinkbugs haven't been bad this year. Actually, for me they've never been too bad, but I hear horror stories from other folks. Plus, i've seen the pictures of them covering a screen door. That's pretty nasty.

Carolyn H.

Cicero Sings said...

I saw one last year and none this year.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

No stink bugs here. Last fall the south side of our house was COATED with boxelder bugs. Every year, around Halloween we are invaded by those pinching, staining, stinky lady bugs.

I espeially hate those @*#&%$ ladybugs.

Cathy said...

Nope I don't remember seeing any here.

Squirrel said...

I am getting lots of those Brown Marmorated Stink bugs on my screen door. This is the second year they have invaded. I think they have only been in our area about 3-4 years at the most. 3 more likely. A friend of mine was squashing each one she saw and her fingers were stained yellow from them. I thought she was shelling walnuts because it was that same color of stain. They stink someting awful don't they. They are more harmful to crops than the ones we usually see and the Dept of Agriculture has recommended that we kill them.

Carolyn H said...

Well, it looks as though some have stinkbugs and some don't. For those of you who don't, I'm guessing that the little devils are expanding their range, so you might be next. They are unpleasant little things, that's for sure.

Thanks for reporting back to me on this one!

Carolyn H.

Woodswalker said...

We don't seem to have mass gatherings of stinkbugs here in Saratoga County, NY. I've seen several of both green and brown kinds this summer, but always in plants.

Anonymous said...

In NJ we have experienced a major infestation from this smelly pest, with every year becoming worse than the last. I hate to use poisons but I found an alternative product that seems work on their attack and may not be as detrimental to the environment. 'SPRAY NINE' This cleaner and disinfectant comes in a trigger spray 32 oz bottle and in a gallon container.

I sprayed it into the tracks of my storm windows and the effect was total carnage!!!!! If they didn't die within the first minute they were certainly on their way to "belly-up". It seems to work faster if the spray hits them on their underside but the longer death suits these pests also.

I took this a step further and purchased a gallon of this cleaner and used it with a siphon in my pressure washer and sprayed the entire house. I tried to avoid getting it on the roof but after letting it soak for several minutes I then proceeded to rinse it off. I followed this by going up on the roof with the trigger bottle and sprayed the ridge vent, gutter edge and chimney. When finished I cleaned the bird baths to rid any over spray that may have occurred.

So far this method seems to be favorable in not only killing the bug but due the the odor of the cleaner it deters them away from returning to the house.

Carolyn H said...

Anonymous: boy, after reading your comment, I am really, really glad I only have a few or several or these things. i hope they never get as severe as what you've experienced. You have my sympathies on this one.