Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snow in the air!

The morning is cold, dark and rainy. I had to wake the chickens up when I fed them this morning. By tonight, it appears I will get a few flakes of snow, assuming I will be awake when they fall. Northern Pennsylvania is forecast to see a lot more than a few flakes. (Take care on the roads to all of you who live up there).

Last night I was rushing around outside trying to get done some of the outside work I should have done this past weekend, when I was playing around outside instead. So I brought in the last of the plants and cleaned out the rain gutters. Tonight, I will finally have to turn on the heat. Next week it will warm up again, at least a little, but 3-4 four days of a cold rain with an easterly wind is too much to ride out without heat.

Today’s forecast for snow got me thinking about other snows in October here in southern PA. I remember getting some often enough, though I don’t recall when the first accumulating snow has fallen down here. It turns out that was 1.5" on October 19 in 1940, which is why I don’t remember it.

Traces of snow have fallen as early as October 9, and I even posted a few photos of snow on nearly green leaves a few years ago, though even that was in November after a long, warm fall that ended suddenly. This year I don’t feel quite ready for snow just yet, as I am also not yet accustomed to how early in the day the sun sets. I keep expecting another hour or so of daylight, and it simply isn’t there.

After a couple of busy and active days for both animals and birds, yesterday was unusually quiet. I saw only a few crows, and one of the ever-ubiquitous bluebirds. The foxes didn’t come calling, and the raccoons didn’t wake Baby Dog, which is something of a miracle. Yesterday the weather was already feeling raw and looking overcast, so perhaps the migrants and locals were already hunkering down for this storm. I think I will join them.


Cathy said...

Carol-started to snow up here around 10 am. Coming down at a good clip right now which is 10:45am . Might get up to 4 inches of the white stuff. Already have a few pictures, post them tonight.

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I saw snow on the radar and figured you were getting some of it. I'll bet the photos are pretty, but be careful driving!!

Carolyn h.

The-Grizzled-But-Still-Incorrigible-Scribe-Himself! said...

Still light drizzle, on and off, here—and is predicted to remain for at least a couple more days. No snow in the immediate forecast, however.

I can't get used to the early twilight either. It still seems like there should be more daylight time in the evening.

Hey, I think hunkering down sounds like a plan…

smallpines said...

Fall is the best season ever! Gorgeous pic. I honestly wish Fall lasted a little longer ... Winter comes so quickly here it seems like Fall is only a few weeks. We've had a few days without rain though, and that is terrific!

Carolyn H said...

I think the further north you go the shorter the fall. When I was in Alaska, I swear fall lasted all of one day, then the leaves fell. Gorgeous, but you couldn't blink.

Carolyn H.