Friday, May 02, 2008

Sunday at the Cabin

When this odd-looking fungus first poked its head up just off my driveway, I thought it was going to be a morel. It's not, though I sure don't know what it is. It's already turned to jelly, so whatever it was, it is no longer. Any ID thoughts will be much appreciated.

Birds, especially warblers, continue to move through around the cabin. I don't have enough of them to describe it as a wave of warblers, a wavelet is more like it. Yesterday, I added red-eyed vireo and redstart to the list. Likely there were more.

Up until an hour ago, it was foggy here, which adds another layer of difficulty to identifying the tiny flits of warblers as they move from where-I-didn't-know-they-were to where-I-can't-see-them. The only time they are usually visible is in the moment they are flying. They are usually gone by the time I get my binoculars on them.

I hear many birds in the woods right now, and my hearing has never been the best. though I can differentiate many warbler songs on CD, when I'm in the woods, with 12 different species of various birds all "yelling" at once, the warblers all soon sound alike to me. It's a bit like being in a crowded bar and trying to figure out the conversation of the person next to you. If I catch every other word, I'm lucky. Same with warblers.

The fog is clearing now, and the clouds are moving out too. It's too nice outside to stay inside any longer.


Gina said...

Looks like a Morel Mushroom. Good (lucky?) find! They're edible, much milder than the mushrooms we're used to. If you make sure that's what it is, try frying them in butter. Also good if you bread them before frying.

Cathy said...

I had a bunch of warblers hanging around the yard too. I tried take a pictures of them and didn't get one. Quick little birds.

Carolyn H said...

Gina: I thought it was a morel at first, too. Now I'm not sure.

Cathy: warblers can be nasty little jewels, can't they?

Carolyn H.

Anonymous said...

A stinkhorn, perhaps?

Look here for more mushroom info