Friday, May 30, 2008

Experiment Update

After a break of one week, I'm posting the latest results of my experiment again. Last week, I didn't notice much change from the week before that, so I didn't post a photo. This week, the forest looks denser, so I'm posting the latest photo.
I almost need a machete to hack my way into this spot now. And it's only about 75 steps behind the back of the cabin. I think the reason the entry to this spot is so difficult is because the cabin, small as it is, nonetheless creates a bit of open sky in the forest. And that small, sunnier area creates a riot of growth. Where I take this photo, a little deeper into the woods, there's less sun and no nearby open sky.

Although I have taken each week's photo at about the same time, I may stop doing that and try for a photo that's taken about an hour before dark, whenever dark is. Now that it stays lighter so much longer, the big difference in lighting also plays a part in seeing how the area changes. The flatter light in the earlier photo actually makes the foliage easier to see.

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Lynne said...

The dense green almost feels like it's vibrating with life.