Monday, May 26, 2008

A Pretty Little Flower

Sometimes plants have names they don’t deserve. Daisy fleabane is one of those. It doesn’t keep fleas away at all, not even the least little bit. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a pretty little thing.

Almost 400 species have been found in the U.S. The color varies from white through purple and yellow. They are found almost everywhere but prefer drier landscapes.

People too often think of this plant as a weed, but then a lot of people seem to think anything they didn’t plant is a weed. I sure wouldn’t call it that. It’s quite a useful source of nectar for many species of bees and butterflies.

In my area, the fleabane is common, starting in, well, now. I guess "now" qualifies as late spring. Fleabane isn't the first of the spring bloomers, and it will bloom through mid-summer, at least. I've seen it this weekend in white and pale lavendar.

I fully intended to post to my Ruminations over the long holiday weekend, but the weather was so nice that I pretty much spent it outside and down in the woods with Dog and/or Baby Dog. After 16 or 17 days of rain, the weather over the holiday was sunny and beautiful, and I just couldn't stay inside long enough to blog.


Ruth said...

I like Fleabane as it blooms most of the season. I have not seen any out around here yet.

pablo said...

I'm glad you're getting the good weather again. Post when you can. I'll keep coming back.