Friday, January 25, 2013

Sunset before snow

Snow is coming today.  The sky is overcast, the air feels raw (though at 12 degrees it doesn’t take much for it to feel that way). The chill air takes on a dampness that goes bone deep.  I can feel that it’s going to snow long before the first flake falls.

Last evening, the first signs of snow ahead appeared, in the form of a lovely sunset. The first clouds were just starting to arrive.  The best sunsets (or sunrises) always precede a storm.  It’s only the storm’s timing the determines whether if will be the sunset or the sunrise that is the pretty one.

This morning’s sunrise was invisible; the clouds were already too thick for the sun to penetrate. The storm is already too near for the sun to peek through the clouds.  So the sunset provided the glory ahead of the upcoming storm.

I wasn’t in the best spot for the best photo of the sunset.  I was running the errands I usually do on Friday evening so I can stay home and play in the snow when it arrives.  When I rounded a bend on the back road I was driving, there it was.  So I had to stop and grab a shot.  Fortunately, some back roads around here are still lightly traveled enough that I can do that, even during evening drive times.


SHG said...

Have fun making snow angels.

Carolyn H said...

Thanks, Sam, I will!

Woodswalker said...

Lovely photo! I stop by every day to check on your beautiful landscape and the skill with which you capture it in photos. I hope you get some nice fluffy snow. Here in northern NY we still don't have enough on the ground to warrant snowshoes.

Carolyn H said...

Woodswalker: Thanks! I didn't get enough snow for snowshoes, unfortunatley. But it was a nice snow even so.