Monday, January 28, 2013

A little snow

About 3 inches of the sparkliest, most powdery snow I’ve ever seen fell on Friday. By Sunday morning, even though the temperature had yet to reach 32 degrees, it was already compressing and perhaps even melting where sun hit it. Still, after the overcast cleared, it was hard to argue with how pretty Nell’s Hill to the west looks when it is (almost) covered in snow.

Baby Dog and I took a walk through the snow. I was hoping for snowshoe weather, but the snow didn’t provide that. So we just bumbled through the snow, tripping and stumbling over invisible indentations and miniature hillocks. Baby Dog didn’t mind that at all. I was more cautious.

I attempted to do a little birding this weekend, but all the ponds and lakes around are now thoroughly iced in. The lakes were filled with a bevy of ice fishermen, but I found no open water for the waterfowl. Birding will be slow for a while until the ice melts. With winters such as they have become, that could be next week, next month or six weeks from now. There’s no telling. So I will enjoy the winter weather while it lasts, but I make no predictions for how long that may be.

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