Friday, January 18, 2013


How long has it been since the sun was last out?  I honestly can’t remember.  It feels as though it’s been forever, perhaps fall, since I’ve had a sunny day.  Last night I had a bit of snow, just a flurry, but after that came an icy northwest wind that makes a 25F temperature feel like the arctic.

Sunrise was still a work in progress when I took this photo, but turkey vultures were already airborne, and not just airborne but high already. I suspect the rain, ice and gloom has not been good for their foraging.  They weren’t going to let clearing skies go to waste. Time to get out and about and smell the roadkill!

In this area, northwest winds always bring cold and usually drier air.  Winter is reappearing here as a result, though still not with the settled kind of depth it should have at this time of year.  In another day or so, it will warm up a bit and then the temperature will drop, plummet even, for another few days before moderating yet again.  In a normal winter, there should be no moderating at this point, and the cold should take on an endless kind of resonance, not the here today, gone tomorrow impertinence winter is affecting this year.

But with January’s average temperature already nearing five degrees above normal here, it’s hard to argue with the appearance of some normal weather, even if its arrival is more of a peek-a-boo game than anything.


Scott said...

Nice image, Carolyn! My staff made the requisite jokes like "What's that yellow thing in the sky?" and "We might as well be living in Seattle" when the sun showed up again, but I don't blame them--it has been dismal. We've got to take advantage of these few sunny days now to drive away the SAD.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: It certainly has felt like Seattle, hasn't it? When has a January ever been as gloomy as this one?