Thursday, January 31, 2013

A wild ride

Yellow Breeches Creek near Lisburn, Pennsylvania
Wild weather ripped across Roundtop mountain yesterday and early this morning. I awoke to a few flashes of lightning at 4 a.m., and more than a few strong gusts of wind. Those always make me hold my breath until they pass.

Yesterday and overnight a hard, cold rain fell, creating streams where none existed the day before. The lane up the mountain was washed out pretty bad, and leaves clogged the washed out areas. This morning the Yellow Breeches Creek ran full, if not over its banks. The wind still gusts and so far shows no sign of waning. The temperature has dropped 20 degrees so far. It is not a day for lounging outdoors.

Still, I think I’ve missed the some of the more extreme weather I’ve heard about in other parts of the country that was caused by this storm. For now, the roller coaster that is this season has rolled back into winter. Last night I went outside in my flip flops. This morning I’m wearing my winter jacket. I have no idea whether this latest big dip is the last one or just one more on the ride. Last year winter never arrived. This year it comes and goes from one day to the next.  And slams the door in both directions.


Cathy said...

It was pretty tame up here. Just a good soaking rain last night and a windy day for today. And half hour ago, nice dusting of snow :) Kinda hope the weather settles down this week!

Scott said...

And slams the door in both directions.

Wonderful, Carolyn!