Monday, January 14, 2013

January or March?

If the weather had looked this nice over the weekend I would have gone birding.  Instead, the fog was so thick that trees just 20 feet away were hazy, and those more than 30 feet away were little more than ghost trees, mere shadows of trees.  There was no point in driving to a lake or a river to look for waterfowl, as I couldn’t even see crows in the trees next to the cabin.  Of course, this is pretty typical weather for March.  Wait, it’s not March, it’s January!

The dense fog, perhaps the thickest fog I have ever seen, persisted throughout the entire weekend.  I couldn’t see the bottom of the ski runs when I was right next to them, let alone see the skiers on the hill.  This morning the fog was still solidly in place but completely dissipated while I was eating breakfast and about to head out the door to work.  Isn’t that how it goes?  An entire weekend of gloom as dark as dusk and thick fog, and the moment Monday morning arrives, the weather improves.Of course, it’s still rainy and overcast and far too warm for January, but I can see the neighboring mountain, when  I couldn’t even see the end of my deck all weekend long.  The only birds I saw this weekend were my regular feeder birds.  I heard a few others, but they were lost in the fog.

The snow that covered Roundtop as late as Friday evening is now gone.  Even the few patches that made it into Saturday are gone now. And I am left with pretty typical March weather, except of course, this is January.


Scott said...

Same here, Carolyn. It must be giving the Roundtop folks fits.

Carolyn H said...

Scott: I don't see how Roundtop stayed open this weekend--snow melting and fog as thick as the snow. Yuck!