Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not seen every day

Hoping for a ride?
Even in Pennsylvania where deer are as common as chickens, I don’t see something like this every day. Oh, sure, I have the daily antics around the cabin of the dubiously named deer, Maude and Mergatroyd, but so far those two have never wanted to go for a car ride.

I can often go several days without seeing anything really exciting. Poor weather, poor timing and daily busyness can all conspire against interesting sightings. Then there are days like this morning.

So I’m driving to work this morning and there in a yard are three deer—the other two were shyer. But this one is cropping within arm’s reach of the family car, out in view of everyone driving by and thoroughly unworried by that. The grass always tastes better in someone’s yard anyway, don’t you think?.

And the deer wasn’t the only thing that happened this morning. Not a mile further down the road a raccoon crossed just ahead of my car, requiring heavy braking by me and the car just behind me to avoid it. It was a medium-sized raccoon, ambling across until forced into a run by my appearance. The morning commute and dawn aren’t very far apart now, and when you add fog to the mix, the mornings are even darker than they would be otherwise. The raccoon was probably just heading back to its den after a night of foraging for trouble. Who knows what’s next. I never know what to expect.


Scott said...

I typically load-up my pickup on the night before trash day so that all I have to do is drive the truck out to the curb while I'm still half asleep on trash pickup morning. Well, lately, a raccoon has been climbing up into the truck and tearing up (and scattering) the trash in the truck bed. So, last week, I thought I'd outsmart the raccoon (ha, ha!). I planned to move the truck a couple hundred feet away from its usual parking spot and leave it there overnight (it's worked before). Well, as I was pulling the truck into its "new" overnight position, what should cross my path but...the raccoon! So, I drove the truck back to its regular overnight spot and, sure enough, next morning, the trash was trashed! I'm just going to have to keep the trash in the garage until trash day morning.

Granny Sue said...

Morning traffic can be tricky, I'd say! It's funny, but I'll avoid hitting any wild thing in the road even if I know it's going to be at my house creating havoc later on.

And I can't help it--I love to see raccoons!

Pablo said...

Bigfoot, next?

Carolyn H said...

Scott: that's a good story! Raccoons are little devils, that's for sure. And sometimes they are not so little!

Carolyn H said...

Granny Sue: I'm used to seeing raccoons at my cabin, but i don't usually find them on my daily commute!

Carolyn H said...

Pablo: Oh, I sure hope I don't have to deal with Bigfoot next!