Thursday, August 30, 2012


old road at Roundtop
I am nearly at the point in the year when I will need to start taking my week’s worth of blog photos on the weekend before I post them. The mornings are already growing darker than I like for photos. Even on this morning, which dawned clear and bright, the sunlight is only in the treetops and not down on the ground by the time I leave the mountain.

That change in my blogging life always takes some getting used to. It usually takes me weeks. I guess I’m just a slow learner. Usually I end up with fewer photos than blog entries. Some of it is just my own orneriness, too. I like to take the day’s blog photo on the same day as I post it. When I’m forced to take all my photos on the weekend, usually my best photos are used first, so on Mondays and Tuesdays the photos you see are usually pretty good. By Wednesday or Thursday I’m often less happy with the photos I post. By Friday, that’s what I post whatever is left. When I get down to posting photos of the dogs, cats or chickens it usually means I don’t have anything else.

Another reason I don’t like to take all my photos the week ahead is that by the end of the week the photos no longer seem current to me. The weather has changed, the light has changed. Photos of the previous weekend seem out of date and no longer relevant to however the woods and my life has changed in the past seven days. I know most readers won’t know or notice that, but I do. In a week a flower may bloom or be past its prime. Perhaps snow fell or completely melted away, and I’m still posting old photos from the week before.

But now that day is nearly upon me. Time to shift gears and plan to take a week’s worth of blog photos over a weekend again. At least this weekend will be a long weekend, so I’ll have extra time get a few taken. Maybe even Friday won’t be bad.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Had to wear a jacket today for a couple of hours - autumn approaches. Your photos always look alright to me - even the Friday ones.

Sabine said...

I enjoy all your photos and never noticed that there were any less good ones.

Carolyn H said...

John: I wore a light sweatshirt this morning for my walk with Dog. Fall is coming! Thanks!

Carolyn H said...

Sabine: thanks! I'm glad Friday photos aren't noticeably worse than the others.