Thursday, August 09, 2012

A tree tunnel

It’s another hazy, summer day at Roundtop, though not as uncomfortable as the haze might suggest. The days of 95+ degree weather are gone, at least for now. Haze, humidity and 85 degrees feels a lot more comfortable. The evenings are enjoyable again, too, and the idea of an evening walk no longer sounds like a death march.

I’d like to think that the time of 95 degree days are gone for another year, but it’s far too early to make so bold a statement. I can hope that’s the case and it’s not an impossible dream, but given climate change and the fact that it’s only early August, it’s too soon to do much more than hope.

My photo today is of a tree tunnel along Siddonsburg Rd. in Monaghan Township, York County. The township road crew recently had to trim the lower branches of the trees to keep them from hitting taller vehicles, and the result is a pretty neat, little green tree tunnel. Most places would probably just remove the trees, but here we just trim them up into tunnels.

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Scott said...

Nice image, Carolyn. It looks like the trees are festooned with vines in addition to the normal branches (just like most of my trees are). The vines, while pernicious, add to the "tunnel" effect.

I lived in central Florida for seven years, and there are some places where thoughtful people planted live oak allees along country roads. Over the years, the trees have matured into beauties, and their limbs have met over the road, forming similar long (and blessedly cool) tunnels.