Wednesday, August 08, 2012

August sunrise

Usually I associate red sunrises with stormy weather, but I took this photo yesterday morning and the rest of the day was storm-free. A sunrise this spectacular doesn’t come around every day. I was walking Baby Dog when the sky first lightened, but I was close enough to the cabin to race back and grab the camera. I tossed Baby Dog in the car and drove down to an open spot so I could take a shot.

Poor Baby Dog! At first she thought her walk was over far too soon, and then she thought she was going someplace exciting. Dogs just don’t appreciate sunrises.

Days have shortened again to the point where I need to wear a headlamp during my early morning walks with Dog and Baby Dog. So far I’ve been able to dispense with it once I walk my way out of the woods and my eyes adjust, but the progression of shorter days is quite noticeable already. I saw “already” as though I’m surprised. I guess I am. For some reason, I expect the longer hours of daylight to last longer than they really do. Perhaps it’s because I think of shorter days with cooler weather and not during 90 degree temperatures.


John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Well, I appreciate that sunrise even if dogs don't! Same here; summmer temperatures always lag behind the long days of midsummer.

Scott said...

A beautiful image, Carolyn; thanks for sharing. I like how the scudding clouds in the sky are mirrored by the ripples on the water below. A fine shot!