Thursday, August 23, 2012


Evening primrose
The forest around me feels as though it is in a quiet and calm mode for the moment. Nothing as earth-shattering as spring blooming or fall color changing is going on. The weather has been quite moderate. Even a breeze is just about nonexistent. I should be taking advantage of this to get a lot of outside work done around the cabin, but I’m not.

For once, summer’s weather is pleasant and comfortable, and I’m enjoying that. I’m enjoying wandering around and peering into hollow logs, listening for bird song and staring at tracks in the drying mud. I should be tackling my arm-length list of outside chores, but so far I haven’t been able to break away and get going on them. I’m sure I will pay for my lack of ambition. At some point I will end up in a race with worsening weather, doing at the last minute all the things I should be doing now. I work better with an imminently looming deadline than I do without one or one that’s still miles away.

The dogs join me on my wanderings, finding so many places to sniff and explore that some days I wonder why I call them walks at all. They are usually the first to notice the deer trying to sneak off into the brush. Baby Dog is now fixated on the spot where a local rabbit bounced away from her for three days in a row. It’s been a week since the rabbit was last sighted—apparently, it finally wised up. But Baby Dog is still convinced the rabbit is going to reappear every morning in that spot, and she can’t wait or walk nicely until we reach it. Her disappointment now is palpable.

I heard an eastern pewee call this morning, the first I'd heard in several days. I had wondered if they were already gone south, and I enjoyed hearing one again. It won't be long before I've heard the last of them for the season, but today was not that day. Summer lasts another day.  No need to hurry and get something done just yet.


Scott said...

Carolyn: I went out to take advantage of your "nice" weather by working in my garden after dinner last night. I was out for 30 minutes before the the mosquitoes puncturing my neck and the sweat dripping onto my glasses forced me back indoors. Not outdoor chore time yet, at least not for this camper!

Cathy said...

Ah yes, the summer weather is being nice to a point. Didn't like the spritz of rain drops that came with the walk. They really seem to enjoy falling on my head.

A Carolina wren has been hanging around area. Always enjoy it's tune.

And eventually you'll get to your to do list. If not there's always next year ;)

Carolyn H said...

Scott: The weather IS nice, at least compared to many August when the temperature rarely dips below 90 and the humidity is unrelenting. But pulling weeds is hard work whatever the temperature!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I hope I get to my to do list eventually. Maybe this weekend....