Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What's next? Locusts?

 So let me run down the list.  So far this year I've had tornado, hurricane, blizzard (a small one), ice storm and this week we're adding flood to the list.  This flood is more than just the run of the mll spring melt flooding.  Hurricane Lee is falling apart and moving north, bringing days of rain to my area.

These photos were taken on the evening of day one of the flood. I'm in the middle of day 2 and am already pumping water out of my basement.  Later today, I'll try and get a few more photos, though even that isn't easy since most of the time the rain is a downpour. I've been taking photos from my car, with a window run down but I can only do that on the leeward side of the rain.

The rain is supposed to stop sometime on Thursday, and then this area will see river flooding on Friday and perhaps Saturday too.  Gee, I'm really ready for some nice, pleasant weather for a change.  Now that would be novel.


Woodswalker said...

How about earthquake? Did that one miss you? Commiserations regarding all this rain. We've had it, too, up in northern NY. Too bad we can't send it south to Texas.

Cathy said...

How about snowflakes for Sept 23 ? Might as well start Winter early this year. ;-)

Carolyn H said...

Woodswalker_ Nope, I had the earthquake.

Cathy: I'm not sure snowflakes will count. I've had those in September before (though October is more normal). Now a blizzard...that would be novel.

Scott said...

Here in the Philly 'burbs we had a tremendous storm last night (very early Thursday morning) that produced floods even more devastating than those generated by Hurricane Irene last week. A double whammy! Traffic all around Philly was a nightmare during this morning's rush hour because most of the commuter rail lines weren't running (flooded), there were more cars on the roads, and even some of the major arteries were closed by flooding or landslides.

jeannette said...

Ugh, I came here too late to get in on all the weather disasters - glad you got through it alive!