Sunday, September 04, 2011

Someone, I forget who, called this kind of day "air you can wear."  It's so soupy that this morning when I walked down to the pond I couldn't see it. I could hear a large flock of Canada geese on the pond, but I couldn't see a single one of them.  At the day progressed, the haze lifted a little bit, though I still feel that I'm walking through a steam bath.

Tiny spiderweb
Later in the afternoon I did a little hawkwatching up on the mountain.  It's still  too early for many raptors to move, and with the very minimal breeze coming from the south instead of the north, the conditions were not near to anything resembling ideal.  But, I have to hawkwatch when I have the day off.  I can't, unfortunately, do my hawkwatching whenever the weather is ideal and still keep my day job. 

So I was happy to see anything at all.  I saw two ospreys, including one pipping and making quite a fuss over something.  A Cooper's Hawk soared and flapped over the hill, a Red-tailed Hawk joined in.  Several Black Vultures streamed back and forth over the mountain and a handful of Turkey Vultures, too.  Nothing too exciting, though I am always glad to find an hour or two where I can sit and stare and the sky and see a few things.

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