Friday, September 30, 2011


Sunrise with Canada geese
This morning the weather is somewhat improved. The fog has lifted, so even though the sky is still overcast, at least I can see much further than the 20-40 feet that was my daily distance over the past weeks. This morning, the Canada geese came out, so instead of just honks in the fog, they were visible as they paraded through the parking lot at Roundtop this morning.

I saw deer this morning, too, eyes reflecting in my headlamp as I walked Dog and Baby Dog. The deer are nearly tame, not deigning to run even when I speak to try and calm the canines. Three of them even ran towards us for a bit, crossing in front of us to gallop down the macadam access road, hooves noisily telling me where they were even after I couldn’t see them any longer. That really set the dogs off. Galloping deer brings out the wolf in these allegedly long-domesticated beasts faster than I can say “no!”

Later, one of them stood just above my driveway and watched me drive out, never bothering to move away into the safety of the brush. I suspect that hunting season will put some wariness back into them, at least those that survive. The ones that hang around my cabin may be the smarter ones. If they don’t wander far they will be safe from bow and rifle hunters alike.

For now, I am happy with a day of no-rain, and the promise of no-rain on Sunday. I am ignoring the forecast for Saturday, hoping it will be wrong. The weekend promises to be chilly, and rain or shine I will have to bring in the outdoor plants that have happily grown outdoors all summer. I will likely need to have a fire in the fireplace this weekend, too. The seasonal change is well along, now, and I can only hope that the glorious, crisp days of fall (and no rain) will arrive with the new month.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm enjoying reading your blog. My husbands originally from Bucks County PA and we like to discover places in PA that we haven't seen. Do you have many pheasants out your way?

Thanks for sharing your life. Come visit KY at my husband's blog name after our place here in KY. Goat Sass Farm.