Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally, sun!

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I was to see the sun when it finally appeared late on Saturday afternoon. Even after the rains from the hurricane abated, the weather didn't clear.  The fog was as thick as a blanket. The humidity was just as bad, and the sky was completely overcast. Even my mold had mold.  I was starting to think nothing was ever going to dry out.  Today, the rivers, especially the Susquehanna, are still running high but are receding, and life is returning to more normal with every foot the river drops.

That first glimpse of sun, just at sunset, was greeted with a mental cheer and a sign of relief from me.  The drying out process after the one-two punch of Hurricanes Irene and Lee (and perhaps even Katia should get a mention) still has a ways to go.  At least the process has begun and no hurricanes are in the forecast. 

Now I am wondering, what will all this rain mean for the fall color change, which is now only about 4 weeks away?  Will it make it later? Prettier?  Longer?  I will have to wait and see. I expect it will have some impact, but just what that might be is still unknown.

In any event, it's not raining today.  No rain is in the forecast, and as soon as the forest dries out just a bit more, I'll be down on a trail, looking to see whatever I can see.


Cathy said...

I was thinking about the leaves over the weekend too. Between Irene and Lee, some trees lost a lot leaves because they got ripped off by the wind. One the maples lost most it's leaves already and most didn't even turn yet.

So it is going be interesting to see how fall is going play out this.

Woodswalker said...

I bet you'll find lots and lots and lots of mushrooms. All this rain has stimulated a bumper crop.

Cicero Sings said...

Glad you got some sun. Nothing like sun to lift the spirits.

Scott said...

My basement's still really musty despite two dehumidifiers and a fan running constantly--and we didn't even take the brunt of the storms!

Carolyn H said...

Cathy: I had leaves ripped off by Irene here, too, but now I can't really tell that leaves are missing.

Woodswalker: Mushrooms are everywhere, but I haven't seen anything unusual yet.

Cicero: I think I heard a collective cheer from nearly everyone once the sun finally came out!

Scott: My basement is still pretty damp. I was thinking I ought to work on it pretty soon. Boy, is that a job I hate!