Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snow is coming

 Since last week’s rain, my winter forest has been largely devoid of snow. I can still find a small patch or two of it here and there, but the landscape looks more like November than February at this hour. I say “this hour” because it looks as though that will soon change.

The sky looks heavy with snow and grows ever darker. The coming storm will not be a large one, but even a few inches of snow will make the woods look like winter again. Right now it doesn’t look as though I will get a snow day tomorrow, but I might get a snow delay for a few hours. The weekend looks to bring even more snow, so the bare woods in today’s photo will soon be a thing that is so last week.

The feeder birds have already emptied my feeders once today. They can feel the snow coming, and want to stock up before it does. I can smell the snow already and know it can’t be long from falling now.  Winter is about to reappear on the mountain. 

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