Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow and shadows

Snow is still hanging around Roundtop even though the weekend temperatures inched above freezing in the afternoons.  A fair amount of the snow has melted.  I think it's because the snow was of the light and fluffy variety.  That water-laden concrete snow doesn't usually melt so fast.

Sunday was a very pretty day with a perfectly blue sapphire winter sky.  Clear skies are something of a rarity this winter, which is itself  unusual for this area.  Winter is often quite a  pretty season here; many days in a row of sunshine are common.  Not so this winter. 

So when the sun cooperates and the clouds disappear, I have to take advantage of it and get outside with my camera. Normally, noontime is not the best hour of the day to take photos, but in winter, when the sun isn't so high in the sky and the sunlight itself is weaker, I find it a good time.  Even at noon, I see shadows playing across the snow.

And since there's not too much to see in my woods right now except snow (and shadows), it's a good thing the combination makes for some interesting photos. 

These may be the last "good" snow photos I post for a while.  Rain and sleet and snow and freezing rain are all predicted for the next 24-36 hours, which will reduce the snow quite a lot.  I hope that combination doesn't cause flooding, but it sure might.  When I wasn't taking photos this weekend, I was digging out my basement drain so the water will have someplace to go, just in case.

My last photo today shows just how nicely snow covers up things and makes them look different than they would otherwise.  There's a good-sized boulder under this round bump.  I like it when snow covers up things I should have brought in for the winter but didn't.  The nieghbors will never know--at least not until the snow melts. 

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cathy said...

Shhh don't mention snow anymore. Maybe that would stop it from coming.

yea right!!!

Sound like both of us is getting the same type of weather for tomorrow.

You'll be happy to know, I'm switching over to the Google reader. Lately I'm having trouble with Bloglines and with any Blogger blogs.

This post and last Thurs post never appear in my bloglines. I check some other blogger blog I read and I found missing posts. So enough!